User databases reguarly rebuild with QF_VERIFICATION_ERROR

  • 7001534
  • 06-Oct-2008
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 7
Novell GroupWise 6.5


During a structure check of the user databases the following error shows up in the log and causes GWCheck to rebuild the user database:
    - structural problem detected- QF_VERIFICATION_ERR (code 0x103 )
          - Additional info saved in VPCHIGW65/COMPMAIL:\grpwise\chipo65\ofuser\userXXX.$er
          Problem 13- Structural problem found in database VPCHIGW65/COMPMAIL:\grpwise\chipo65\ofuser\userXXX.db
          - Attempting to correct structural problem in database

In the OFUSER directory a USERXXX.$ER file can be found with the following info:
  Logical File Number: 728
  Logical File Type: Index
  Error Number: 103

These rebuilds tend to occur frequently and the error tends to not get cleaned up.


This problem happens when the quickfinder indexer doesn't recognize a character in a mail message that it is indexing, thus putting the index in a bad state. The structure check recognizes this and rebuilds the database.

Development has made fixes in the quickfinder indexing process to allow for theses characters, thus preventing the rebuilds.

The fix for this is in GroupWise 8 as well as the GroupWise 7 engine dated 10-01-08 or newer.