Windows Print Queue Manager reports "Failed to open, retrying" when reading iPrint print queue

  • 7001525
  • 06-Oct-2008
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell iPrint for Novell NetWare 6.5 Support Pack 7


Within "Printers and Faxes", when double-clicking a printer that has queued jobs, no jobs are displayed.  The title-bar of the printer window reads on Failed to open, retrying; e.g.

MYPRINTER on MYPRINTMANAGER Failed to open, retrying

Jobs still print and can be managed within iManager or the Print Manager (NDPSM) but cannot be seen from the Windows Print Queue Manager.


Apply NetWare 6.5 SP8 available from

NetWare 6.5 SP7 only:  Apply IPPSRVR.NLM from iPrint update for NetWare 65 support pack 7c NW65SP7C or later, available from

Additional Information

There is a problem with the ippsrvr from iprntnw65sp7b.