How to creating SYS volume object in eDir

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  • 03-Oct-2008
  • 27-Apr-2012


OES Linux 2  or OES2


SYS volume object needs to be created in edir.


During install, the volume is supposed to be created and populated in eDir.  For some reason the object didn't get created in eDir.  You can manually do this by using the same utility that is supposed to create the volume object in eDir in the first place.  It is called createVol and is located in /opt/novell/ncpserv/bin.  The syntax to create a volume object in eDir is:
 createVol -a <admin.novell> -p <admin password> -v <volume name> -m <mount point>
For example, here's what you would enter to put the sys volume object in eDir:
./createVol -a admin.novell -p test -v sys -m /usr/novell/sys

Note: createVol is provided by novell‑ncpserv‑2.0.2‑0.7.x86_64.rpm or later version.