User Object Properties, ZENworks Tab, Logged In Workstations doesn't update correctly

  • 7001483
  • 02-Oct-2008
  • 30-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks 7 Desktop Management Support Pack 1 - ZDM7 SP1 Desktop Management


On the Logged-in Workstations screen within the ZENworks Tab on the Properties of a User object, within ConsoleOne it is supposed to show and automatically update which workstations a user is logged into - sometimes this information is not updated.


To obtain a hot patch with the fix for this problem, follow the instructions in KB 3484245 "Updates to Novell ZENworks 7 Desktop Management" which can be found at

Additional Information

When a user is logged into a workstation and the workstation crashes, is shut off or removed from the network without logging out  properly, the Logged In Workstation screen is never updated because the user never actually logged out. When the workstation comes back up and a different user logs into the network, the Logged In Workstation screen for the new user is updated, but the screen for the old user is never updated and it shows that both users are logged into the same workstation.