How to use ConsoleOne ICE (ldap export / import utility) to get attribute listing out of DS

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  • 23-Sep-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell eDirectory
ConsoleOne 1.3.4


Many Times it is needed to view or run reports to get certain user attributes.
In fact in the old NW 3.12 days we had a utility called Security.exe which would list many User attributes that might pose security risks
Starting with Netware 4.x we used Nlist.exe to list these same attributes.
See TID 10024879

Now in ConsoleOne under the Wizard menu there is the option to run NDS Import/Export.  This can be used to also get the same information as the Nlist information .
How to use ConsoleOne ICE (ldap export / import utility) to get attribute listing out of DS


Run ConsoleOne / Choose Wizard menu and the NDS import/Export.
This brings up a screen for what type you will do, choose Export.

Next screen is the screen to fill in contact information for the LDAP Server  to query.  Enter the IP address of the server, port 636 (you need to use an authenticated connection to get all attribute information from the user, most of the time this requires a Secure connection, depending upon your ldap server settings), username (ldap format with commas Ex: cn=admin,o=novell), and password, then click NEXT.  Note: A Certificate file should not be needed as it will query for it so you can leave it blank.
click Next  and now you can select what part of the tree to query.  
for the whole tree if you are pointing to a root replica just select sub tree and it will query the whole thing. (leaving base DN empty) IF you want to query just a certain part of the tree then you will need to fill this out appropriatly.  (example:  cn=user,ou=users,o=novell)

If you want to query all attributes, then click next to go on.   If you want to limit the attributes you get back in the query, then go to the filter tab and change the * to User then go to the attributes tab and select the attributes radio button and go to the list. unfortunatly it does not provide a browse button here so you will need to manually enter each attribute, I will list them below:

The Next screen asks for a filename.   Enter a path and filename on the workstation you are running ICE from.  (Ex: c:\ldif.out), thin hit NEXT and Finished to run the query.
Some of this information will be hard to read, like Last Login Time
looks like YearMonthDayTime all together.
see also cool solutions utility
DSreport.exe, this is not a supported utility but is much simpler to user.

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