"Save File As" dialog does not appear when exporting SecureLogin data in iManager

  • 7001379
  • 17-Sep-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell SecureLogin
NSL v 6.1
iManager 2.7
iManager 2.6
plugin from NSL6.1-Fix10
plugin from NSL6.1sp1
plugin from NSL6.1sp1-Hot Fix 1


When exporting settings from an OU  no "Save File As" dialog box is presented. 
The export files is not saved.


Bug report has been entered.   Workarounds:

1. Use the plugins from NSL6.1 fix 12 or NSL6.1 fix 14.

2. Select an inherited application as one to be exported.   If you do not want to export the inherited app, press "cancel" when the "save as" dialog is presented.  Go back and select the desired applications and the save as dialog box will be presented. 

Additional Information

This problem only seems to occur if none of the applications selected for export are inherited.

Steps to reproduce:
- using the iManager plugin, select an OU that has some applications configured
on it.
- click on the "Distribution" tab,
- click "save"
- select "applications"
- click "export"
- select applications to export, click ok