Error, "You are not logged in to a directory and SecureLogin was unable to find any cached user data" when starting SecureLogin 6.1

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  • 05-Mar-2009
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell SecureLogin 6.1 Client


On a PC that has not had the Novell SecureLogin client installed, if SecureLogin 6.1 is installed selecting the options Novell eDirectory, LDAP, Novell SecretStore client and the selection for Start SecureLogin on Windows startup has been de-selected, when starting the SecureLogin client for the first time you may receive the error, "You are not logged in to a directory and SecureLogin was unable to find any cached user data." 


The reason for this error in this case is the installation fails to copy the NSSLDP.DLL into the WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 directory.  This prevents the SecretStore client from connecting to SecretStore via LDAP.   There are two options for resolving this issue.

Option 1:  Re-run the SecureLogin installation on the affected PCs and choose the Repair option when prompted.

Option 2:  Extract the NSSLDP.DLL from the Novell SecureLogin.MSI file and copy it to the SYSTEM32 directory.  The steps to extract the files from the .MSI are as follows:
(For simplification purposes, the following steps assume the Novell SecureLogin.MSI file has been copied to the root of C:.)
1) Open a Command prompt
2) Change directory to C:\
3) Type the following command:  msiexec /a c:\novell securelogin.msi /qb TARGETDIR=c:\nsl61ext

This will extract all files into C:\NSL61EXT.  It is not necessary to create the target directory prior to running the command.

After extracting the files, locate the NSSLDP.DLL in the C:\NSL61EXT\SYSTEM32 directory and copy it to the WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 directory.


Reported to Engineering

Additional Information

We were able to narrow this issue down to a missing .DLL by using the debug options for SecretStore as outlined in TID 10096097.

The data from the debug log displayed as follows:
Entry Time Stamp = [981466]
[File = ss_ndk.c, Line = 1379] LDAP Client Service Requested.
[File = ss_ndk.c, Line = 1387] LDAP Client DLL Load Failure [-821]!!!
Exit Time Stamp = [981466]
===> Exiting NSSSGetServiceInformation: RCode = [NSSS ERROR SERVICE NOT SUPPORTED]<===