Error 46- Existing database msgx.trn not seen in directory. Suggestion- Contact Support!!!

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  • 08-Sep-2008
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 7
Novell GroupWise Stand Alone GWCHK32.EXE


Errors running GwCheck Standalone:
Example of entries found in Gwcheck logs.
Error 46- Existing database msg?.trn not seen in directory. Suggestion- Contact Support!!!
Error 91 Databases in Store Catalog but not on disk.
Error 46 Invisible database files; unable to find
Problem 39- Unknown file
Files with .trn extension seen when running GwCheck utility
Files with .old or .back extension seen when running GwCheck utility
The database facility reported error [C05D] on userq.db or msg.db


Drop unknown files from the Ngwgaurd.db
There are two ways to drop files from the Ngwguard.db
  1. Manually using GwCheck standalone
  2. Novell Technical support may use GroupWise Database modifier Secure tools
To Manually Remove the Files from the Ngwguard.db using Gwcheck follow the steps below:
Note the file name for files Unknown in Gwcheck logs.  Examples below:
Problem 39- Unknown file msg75.trn
Error 46- Existing database msg201.trn not seen in directory.
Problem 91- Database ngwdfr.trn in Store Catalog(ngwguard.db) but not found on disk
  1. Verify the files by the bad file name are not in the post office / ofuser / ofmsg ect.  If present move the files to a temp directory.
  2. Run the Standalone GwCheck found in the Software distribution directory/ admin / utility / gwcheck directory / gwcheck.exe and Set options as follows:
  3. Check "post office" Ariel button for database type
  4. Click the folder Icon in the Database path field, browse to and select the post office directory
  5. Type Post office name as seen in ConsoleOne in the Post Office Name field
  6. In the Object type field select the Ariel button for user / Resource
  7. Type the name of the file the error was noted on.  IE:  msg75.trn
  8. From the Action Drop down box choose a Structural Rebuild
  9. Leave all other settings at default
  10. Choose the Run button
  11. The resulting log should show an error -26 on the file name typed IE: msg75.trn
  12. Error -26 indicates that the file was not found on disk and therefor will be dropped or removed from the Ngwguard.db
  13. Restart the POA (The Ngwgaurd is cached when the post office is started and will need to be cleared)

Additional Information

Files in the Ofmsg, Ofuser, and Offiles are adopted in the the Ngwgaurd.db when a GwCheck structure check is ran.  The files that should be noted in the Ngwguard are the userx.db, msgx.db and files with in the Offiles directories.  When a GroupWise administrator renames one of these files and leaves it in the Ofuser, Ofmsg or Offiles directory the renamed files can be adopted in to the Ngwguard.  These files can create issues for the GroupWise system and need to be removed from the ngwguard.db by Novell Support Technical support.
Note: Move renamed files to a temp folder for deletion later.  Do not rename files and leave these files in the Post office directories where they may be adopted in to the Ngwgaurd.db.

The .TRN files are user, msg files that were in the process of renaming, rebuilding etc and were stopped in mid process (Transactional files.)  They should not be in the Ofuser, Ofmsg dirs and can usually be safely removed  from the post office directories but will also need to be dropped from the Ngwguard.db using the steps above.