Arcserve 11.1 sp3 very slow login from the client manager error code -1 on workstation manager -- udp packet

  • 7001296
  • 05-Sep-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell NetWare 6.5 Support Pack 7
Arcserve BrightStor tape software 11.1 sp3


When clicking on any icon on the Arcserve workstation manager, such as the backup, restore, device configuration, etc, there would be long delay. Eventually after about 60 seconds, the workstation man anger would timeout with a -1 error. This problem happened in the workstation manager after typing in the user name and password in order to authenticate to the Arcserve host server. Subsequent logins would be much faster. This was an intermittent problem. Sometimes full access was achieved. Other times none or only partial access was given. This would result in the inability of the Arcserve manager to browse volumes and directories on the target server that was going to be backed up. The workstation manager would always connect to the Arcserve host server fine. It was the authentication process that was broken. A LAN trace showed that when the problem occurred, about 40 UDP packets were being sent from the Arcserve host server to a Netware server running behind a load balancer. This Netware server was the NDS replica server that the Arcserve host server was trying to communicate with. When the problem did not occur, Arcserve did not send these packets out to this server but rather to another server that was accessible.  These packets were NCP requests over UDP to authenticate. One problem was that the workstation manager did not have a long enough timeout before the -1 error would appear. This was not an NDS problem. The NDS tree was healthy. Sbcon.nlm would authenticate fine as the same user every time.


Access was given to these NDS replica servers that were behind the load balancer. The problem then went away. A similar symptom will result if the following set parm is turned off:
This must be turned on. Arcserve attempts the communication using NCP requests on UDP packets. Usually if the login process is very slow, Arcserve is attempting this authentication to a server it can't access.