Using Identity Manager (IDM) with third party directories for which there is no existing driver

  • 7001270
  • 03-Sep-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Identity Manager
3rd Party Operating Systems and Products
Cisco Call Manager


There is a requirement to use IDM to extract data from a third party directory (in this case Cisco Call Manager - CCM) into eDirectory but there is no available eDir-to-CCM driver.


Create a script (e.g. PHP) to extract the relevant data from CCM and export it to a CSV text file and then use the IDM Delimited Text Driver to import the data from that CSV file into eDirectory.

Additional Information

This TID explains a technique for interfacing eDirectory with Third Party directories only.  It is beyond the scope of this TID to document how to write scripts and configure drivers.