Driver Update Disk / Addon Media fails

  • 7001267
  • 03-Sep-2008
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell Open Workgroup Suite Small Business Edition (NOWS SBE)


When using a Driver Update Disk or an Addon Media during NOWS SBE autoYaST based installation, the installer fails with the error message "Source rejected by the user"


The file "autoyast.xml" in the installation media's root directory needs to be adapted to accept the signature of the Addon-Media during installation.

Please add the following to the autoyast.xml


    <accept_file_without_checksum config:type="boolean">true</accept_file_without_checksum>

    <accept_non_trusted_gpg_key config:type="boolean">true</accept_non_trusted_gpg_key>

    <accept_unknown_gpg_key config:type="boolean">true</accept_unknown_gpg_key>

    <accept_unsigned_file config:type="boolean">true</accept_unsigned_file>

    <accept_verification_failed config:type="boolean">true</accept_verification_failed>

    <import_gpg_key config:type="boolean">true</import_gpg_key>


There is no need to re-create the ISO image afterwards, the autoyast.xml can simply be placed outside the media, ie. on a http server or an USB stick. For more information on this, please see the autoYaST manual, Section "Invoking Autoyast":