Agent devices taken from backup image all register as same device in 10.1

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  • 02-Sep-2008
  • 27-Apr-2012


ZENworks 10 Configuration Management with SP1 (10.1) Imaging


Prior to 10.1, devices imaged for backup (not using zac to clear device guid files) would register as new device.  Post 10.1 it is required to use the zac command to clear the guid files prior to taking an image for general use (not backup) image.


See the documentation at "Taking a Base Image of a Device" for information on using zac fsg -d
Use this zac command prior to taking image. 
For devices that are already in the bad state, try the following:
  1. Run zac fsg -d
  2. Run zac unr -f
  3. Clear ziswin (%zenworks_home%\bin\preb oot\ziswin.  Choose to clear and save).
  4. Delete %zenworks_home%\cache\zmd /s
  5. rename %zenworks_home%\conf\initial-web-service.bak to initial-web-service
  6. reboot and if necessary register with zac reg https://servername

Steps 1 - 5 may also be applied to the device prior to imaging.  Step 2 is not necessary if using ZENworks imaging, which does not restore the zisd data by default.

If the above steps don't work for the agent, try these steps:
1. Backup the PROGRAM FILES\NOVELL\ZENWORKS\BIN\PREBOOT folder. (copy it to some other folder like the Desktop)
2. Uninstall the agent from add / remove programs.
3. Reboot the workstation
4. Verify that the agent uninstall removed the Novell ZENworks Preagent Service in "Services". If not, disable the the Novell ZENworks Preagent Service and reboot again.
5. Run ziswin from the preboot folder that was backed up from step 1 and if the GUID is still in image safe data, clear ziswin and save the image safe data.
6. Reboot the workstation again then verify there is no image safe data by running ziswin again from the preboot folder that was backed up from step 1.
7. Reinstall the ZENWORKS agent.

Additional Information

The change was introduced to resolve issues where ziswin data cannot be written to or read.  The device files will now be used and must be cleared prior to taking an image, unless the image is specific backup to a particular device.  This is documented.