Cannot import Linux Access Gateway to the Administration Console

  • 7001257
  • 01-Sep-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Access Management 3 Linux Access Gateway
Secondary IP


Basic Linux Access Gateway (LAG) setup is configured successfully. The Administration Console displays the required 
Identity server and Linux Access Gateway devices.

Administrator adds a virtual (secondary) IP address to the existing NIC and tries to reimport the device using this
newly bound IP address. Doing so fails to re-register the LAG within the Admin Console.


1)Login to Administration Console with admin credentials.
2)Navigate to Access Gateway > Edit > Adapter List.
3)Add a Secondary IP address to the existing Subnet Mask (i.e. this will be the virtual (VIP)IP address.
4)Delete the existing LAG entry from the Administration Console.
5)run the command “/chroot/lag/opt/novell/bin./” on Lag Console to re-import LAG
6)Enter the IP address and credentials of the admin console, after which the following appears:

You need to select the IP address used for the Novell Access Manager Server
Communications Local Listeners

Please choose your server IP address from the following list of addresses
1: (//This is the primary Device IP address)
2: (//This is the newly assigned Virtual IP address)
Select an address, type a new address or press enter to accept the default.

8) Specify the Virtual IP address.
9) Import either with initial or current configuration.
10) Verify the result.

Doing so will result in no LAG device appearing on the Admin Console, when in fact the LAG should have imported
into the Admin Console successfully.


Always specify the primary IP address of the LAG when importing the device - do not use an assigned virtual IP address.