Error: "This utility could not add NWLANGUAGE=ENGLISH to the local environment variables"

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  • 31-Aug-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Client 4.91
Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003


Replace ADS Domain User Profile of users with Local User Profile
Error:"This utility could not add NWLANGUAGE=ENGISH to the local environment variables"


Replace ADS Domain User Profile as per "Method II" of the Microsoft knowledgebase article 156697

Additional Information

Objective is to replace new ADS Domain User Profiles for each users with existing Local User Profiles. Subsequent login using Novell Client into NDS Tree and ADS Domain throws out error message "This utility could not add NWLANGUAGE=ENGISH to the local environment variables" on the "Results" window of Novell Client.

Steps to Duplicate:
1. Create a local user account John with full name "John Terry" in a test workstation using the Control Panel applet User Accounts
2. Setup a NDS Tree and create a test user "John Terry"
3. Setup an ADS Domain and create a user "John Terry"
4. Login to the local workstation as "John" using the "Workstation Only" check box of Novell Client and then logout.
5. Login to the workstation as ADS Domain user "John" and also to the NDS Tree using Novell Client
6. Logout from the workstation and login as system "Administrator"
7. Take properties of "My Computer" and select Advanced | User Profiles | Settings
8. Select the User Profile <Workstation_Name/John" and use the button "Copy To" to replace the Domain User Profile C:\Documents and Settings\John.ADS. Don't use the button "Change" available on the the "Copy To" dialog box during this process.
9. Logout as "Administrator"
10. Login again as Domain User John and the see the error message
11. Replace the Domain User Profile again using the Local user Profile as mentioned in the document (Use the button "Change" to set permissions properly) and check again.