Virtual Office Pages are Missing

  • 7001249
  • 29-Aug-2008
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell Virtual Office


After logging in to Virtual Office, the gadgets are missing.  A screen shot example is listed in the Additional Notes section of this document.


  1. Log in to Virtual Office as a portal administrator.  Often, this will be the tree admin.  It is done using the same URL that is used when viewing the missing pages and/or gadgets.
  2. Point a web browser to https://servername/vo/admin.html (where servername is replaced with an appropriate DNS name or IP address of the Virtual Office server).
  3. Log in with the same administrative user used in step 1, in LDAP format (e.g. cn=admin,o=novell).
  4. Click on "Page Sets".
  5. Select "VO Default Page Set".
  6. Click on "Assign".
  7. Click on "Add".
  8. Enter the container, in LDAP format (e.g. "ou=container,o=novell"), that contains all of the users who utilize Virtual Office.  This will typically be a top organization in the tree (e.g. "o=novell").
  9. Click "OK".
  10. Click "Close" at the bottom.
  11. Log out and test Virtual Office  using the same URL specified in step 1.