Duplicate ASN1 OIDs for classes in nspm.sch

  • 7001172
  • 15-Aug-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Modular Authentication Service (NMAS) version 3.2.0


The class definitions for nspmPasswordAux and nspmPasswordPolicyContainer defined in the nspm.sch file inadvertently have the same value for the ASN1 OID field.  This value is 2.16.840.1.113719.  For normal NMAS operations, this is not an issue, as these classes are not accessed using the OID value.  However, should you want to use LDAP access to add the nspmPasswordAux class to an object, for example, it would fail because of these duplicate OID values.


The OID value for the nspmPasswordPolicyContainer class definition will be changed to have the last field be 4 instead of 2 in the next major release of eDirectory and NMAS.  If this is an issue for you, you can change the OID value for thenspmPasswordPolicyContainer definition by executing the following schema file.

------------Cut Here-----------------
-- The container that contains all Password Policy Agent objects
    "nspmPasswordPolicyContainer" OBJECT-CLASS ::=
        Operation    MODIFY,
        ASN1ObjID    {2 16 840 1 113719 1 39 43 6 4}
------------Cut Here-----------------

This can be run using NWConfig on a NetWare Server, using ndssch on a Linux server, or from ndscons on a Windows server using the install.dlm service to install additional schema files.  

Additional Information

When iManager 2.7 sp2 is released later in the fall of 2008, it will be possible to directly edit the ASN1 OID field, and manually correct the value there, presuming it is running on a replica of the [Root] partition.