Unable to make changes to cluster on OES2 Linux

  • 7001118
  • 07-Aug-2008
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 (OES 2)
Novell Open Enterprise Server (Linux based)


When making changes in iManager to a cluster configuration (NCS) running on OES2 Linux, clicking on apply or OK will generate the following error:
Unknown error with error code: 401

You have changed the password of the user that has been used to install Novell Cluster Services
You have disabled, deleted or moved the user that has been used to install Novell Cluster Services


When applying the changes made, NCS uses the user and password that are used during the installation of NCS.  Changing the password, or disabling, deleting or moving this user will cause that the modifications are not being applied and in iManager an error 401 will appear.

Steps to fix:
  1. Install the package CASA-cli
  2. Open a terminal on the server and su to root
  3. With CASAcli -l a list of configured services that are using CASA are being displayed. There will be a NovellClusterServices.Novell
  4. To set a new user use the following command:
    KEYVALUE=cn=newuser,ou=container,o=novell CASAcli -s n NovellClusterServices.Novell -k DN_LDAP
  5. To set a new password use the following command:
    KEYVALUE=new-password CASAcli -s -n NovellClusterServices.Novell -k Password
  6. You need to perform these action on all nodes of the cluster.

CASA is also used for DNS and DHCP.