Unable to access cluster resources via Master IP

  • 7001080
  • 01-Aug-2008
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell NetWare
Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server


Unable to access all the resources via \\Master_IP\
Only the volume resources mounted on the server with Master IP resource is displayed
Volume resources of other nodes not displayed


All the resources in a cluster cannot be accessed via Master IP. Accessing the resources via Master IP will only show the resources that are mounted on the node running Master IP resources as the Master IP address on that server acts the same as a secondary IP address on that server and is only a route to that server, not to all of the cluster resources.
The best way to access the resources in a cluster environment is by using the Resource IP or the Virtual NCP Server name or using a DNS name that is associated with that particular Resource IP.