IDM -9046 or Invalid password specified for check-password

  • 7001066
  • 31-Jul-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Identity Manager


"This check-password result is expected. It is the result of the shim verifying that the driver object password is non-empty. Code(-9046) Invalid password specified for check-password."

"<status level="fatal" type="app-authentication">handshake failed: missing password</status>"

IDM -9046 or Invalid password specified for check-password


1) Stop the IDM drivers.
2) Remove the passwords from the drivers.
3) Delete the certificates used by the drivers.
4) Delete the Authentication ID entry (referring to the certificates) from the drivers.
5) Use the Certificate Wizard to create new certificates.

Additional Information

Some password/cryptography/authentication related data is incorrect or inconsistant on the driver object. As convinced as you might be that you cleared it all out, the steps below are required to clear it out properly. Please try the FIX steps, in order.

Customer tried...various procedures several times over a few days, with the exception of step (4) and not always step (2). Carried out step (2) in isolation several times.

Inspected the driver configurations to confirm that the certificate wizard had re-entered the certificate references to the Authentication ID fields of the drivers.

Finally started up both drivers. As before, the one driver started but failed to establish a connection with the other driver. The other driver failed to start, giving the -9005 error and message about a password missing, as before.

Added the same password to both the Driver Object Password and Application Password fields of both drivers. Did this several times over last few days anyway. However, on this occasion the drivers started synchronising data between the two directories.
Formerly known as TID# 10099778