Stopping Novell Cluster Services hangs with the message "Please wait for the Novell Cluster Services KOs to unload"

  • 7001016
  • 24-Jul-2008
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 (OES 2)
Novell Cluster Services


When attempting to shut down a cluster node it is sometimes seen that this will not complete and seemingly hangs with the message "Please wait for the Novell Cluster Services KOs to unload". This may also be seen when executing the commands "rcnovell-ncs stop" or "rcnovell-ncs restart".

It appears that this problem is more seen when Novell Cluster Services is stopped, or the node being shutdown / restarted, is the last remaining alive node in the cluster, however this is not always the case.


A possible work around is to start clustering again on one of the other cluster nodes. As soon as this node joins the cluster again, the node that is stuck with the "Please wait for Novell Cluster Services KOs to unload" message should complete its shutdown or its Novell Cluster Services restart / stop.

Note: This has since been resolved and a patch (oes2-novell-nss version 5503.0) released to the patch channel. To verify if this has been installed enter the following from the server console:
"rug pse --match-words oes2-novell-nss".

Additional Information

This is related to the "modprobe -r" command that attempts to remove the Novell Cluster Services kernel modules on shutdown. To verify this, from a server console for the server that is stuck in this state enter:
1. "top", this should list the task "modprobe".
2. "ps ax | grep modprobe", which should show the process "modprobe -r cma cmsg crm cvb css vipx sbd gipc vll sbdlib clstrlib".