Apache web server on a non English server certificate errors.

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  • 21-Jul-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


NetWare 5.1 Install eDirectory 8 eDirectory 8.5
NetWare 6.0


Example NDSPKI:Key Material DN is stored on the SAS Service object In Portuguese the NDSPKI:Key Material DN is Certificado SSLIP in English the NDSPKI:key Material DN is SSL CertificateIP When these are compared they don't match and your get the error.
When loading an apache web server on a non English single byte language server like Portuguese you would get an error. [crit] (10022) error: make_secure_socket: for port 443, WSAIoctl: (SO_SSL_SET_SERVER)
Installing NW 5.1 Server in single byte language.


Defect is entered and awaiting engineering change. To work around the problem you need to go the the sys:apache/conf/httd.conf file and edit the section <IfModule Mod_tls.c> and change it to match the NDSPKI: Key Material DN that is stored on the servers SAS Service object. I should look like the following <IfModule Mod_tls.c> SecureListen 443 "Certificado SSLIP"</IfModules> instead of <IfModule Mod_tls.c> SecureListen 443 "SSL CertificateIP"</IfModules>

Additional Information

The problem is that the web server is trying to compare the certificate which when installed in a single byte non English language is different that the english spelling of the certificate so when it does a compare it fails.
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