783 Error When Loading an Identity Manager Driver

  • 7000998
  • 21-Jul-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Identity Manager 3.5.1


-783 error when trying to load a driver.  Also, unable to create a new driver set tied to the server.


This can happen when the server is not associated to the driver set.  Sometimes just removing the server from the driver set and adding it back will solve the problem.
If any problems have happened where eDirectory had to be removed from the server or if the any tree or server keys had to be fixed or recreated, then the Dirxml-server key on the pseudo server object may be corrupt.
At that point, Novell Support should be contacted and then Novell support will need to dial in and remove the Dirxml-server key attribute on the pseudo server object.
Beginning with Identity Manager 3.6, a new DXCMD tool should be available to regenerate the key.  The DXCMD tool from Identity Manger 3.5.1 or earlier will core the server if the key is bad and you try to regenerate the keys.

If this is not the issue, follow the troubleshooting steps on KB 7002449 - "Troubleshooting errors -641 or -783 Starting an IDM driver"