Error 8909 while loading POA after changing the Server IP Address

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  • 18-Jul-2008
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell NetWare 6.0
Novell NetWare 6.5
Novell GroupWise 6.5
Novell GroupWise 7
POA object contains the correct IP Address
POA startup file contains the correct the IP Address


Error 8909 while loading POA
Client/Server setting in the POA log file displays wrong or previous IP address
MTA shows the POA as closed
POA not loading with proper settings
POA not loading after changing the server IP address


  1. Switch to the Post Office Agent(POA) screen and press F7 key to exit the POA.
  2. Switch to Message Transfer Agent (MTA) screen and press F7 key to exit the MTA.
  3. Type "inetcfg" without quotes at server system console and press Enter. This will open Internetworking Configuration window.
  4. Scroll down to Boards and press Enter.
  5. Check the number of boards connected to the server, note down the name and the name of the driver used by that
  6. Press ESC key to exit the board options to reach the Internetworking Configuration window.
  7. Scroll to Protocols and press Enter and look for the protocols that are in enabled status. TCP/IP should be enabled.
  8. Press ESC key to exit Protocol options to switch back to the Internetworking Configuration window.
  9. Scroll to Bindings option and make sure that the bindings are enabled. Check the IP binding whether proper IP
    address is bound to that card or not. If the IP address bound to the card is not correct then follow the sub steps listed below:
    • Press Enter key. It will open an another small window "Binding TCP/IP to a LAN Interface".
    • From here change the IP address bound to that network card. Press Enter key and it will allow to change the IP address.
    • Enter the correct IP address and press ESC key. Select YES to save the configuration.
    • Press ESC key to exit Binding options to switch back to the the Internetworking Configuration window.
  10. Scroll down to Reinitialize System option and press Enter. Select Yes to re-initialize the system.
  11. Type "edit autoexec.ncf" at the System Console and press Enter.
  12. Look for a instruction which say LOAD TCPIP. Scroll below that instruction and check whether it points to the
    correct IP address. If not, change the IP address and press ESC key and select Yes to save the changes.
  13. Type "edit hosts" at the System Console and press Enter.
  14. Scroll at the bottom and verify that the server is pointing to the new IP Aaddress. If not, change it to the correct
    IP address and press ESC key and select Yes to save the changes. If the IP Address was changed in the hosts file, please type "WS2_32 RELOAD HOSTS" without quotes and press Enter to reload the hosts file.
  15. Type "edit netinfo.cfg" without quotes and press Enter.
  16. Check all the instructions in that file and verify that it points to the new IP Address. If not, then change it to the new IP Address and press ESC key and select Yes to save the changes.
  17. Load the MTA and POA. This is done by normally typing the "grpwise" command without quotes.
  18. If the issue still persists, please restart the server.

Additional Information

Root Cause :

1. Previous IP address setting was saved in the HOSTS and NETINFO.CFG.
2. POA was taking the configuration information from HOSTS and NETINFO file.
Notes :
Make sure to take the backup of the AUTOEXEC.NCF, HOSTS and NETINFO.CFG files before editing.