Some users reports slowness while performing searches in GroupWise client

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  • 17-Jul-2008
  • 08-Nov-2013


Novell GroupWise 7
Novell GroupWise 8
Novell GroupWise 2012


Suddenly some users reports that searches in GroupWise client are extremely slow. The users reporting the issue are all having large mailboxes with at least more than 3000 items.

The Administrator performed the action "Delete and Regenerate All Quickfinder Indexes" from the POA console.


The task "Delete and Regenerate All Quickfinder Indexes" actually goes through the entire Post Office but does not index all the items found in every mailbox, it stops after 3000 items and leave the remaining items to be indexed in the next "Update QuickFinder Indexes" threads that are normally scheduled and executed by the POA.

To enable the "Delete and Regenerate All Quickfinder Indexes", set the log level for the POA to Diagnostic.  Open the POA HTTP console.  Click on Configuration -> QuickFinder Indexing and check the box that says Delete and Regenerate All Indexes.

From the POA Console, click Actions -> QuickFinder -> Delete and Regenerate Indexes.

Ctrl-Q can also be used.

Every update cycle index by default 1000 new items for each mailbox, and in case more than 1000 items still have to be indexed, the remaining are once again left for the next cycle.

To fix the issue and make the searches fast again there are 2 possible approaches:

  1. Do not perform any action and just wait for the POA to index all items in all mailboxes through the normally scheduled Index Update process. If the users experiencing the issue have lots of messages, several update cycle will be needed to have the searches fast again.
  2. Use the switch /qflevel-999 in the POA startup file. This switch tells to the POA to index all the new items in every single mailbox at every update cycle, where "new" means every single items that still has to be indexed.

Please be careful using the /qflevel-999 switch as it got some drawbacks:
  • As needs to be placed in the POA startup file, you'll need to unload and reload the POA to make it effective, therefore to create a small lack of service to the final users;
  • The Index Update process is extremely CPU and Time consuming, and in case of large Post Offices and large mailboxes can also take several hours to complete. Using the /qflevel-999 force the POA to go through every single new items in every mailboxes, and the process cannot be interrupted. If run during business hours, the users can experience performance issue while doing normal GroupWise activities from their client.

Additional Information

The /qflevel switch can also be set to values different from 999, and is not the only available switch currently implemented to control the POA behaviour during the indexing process. Please check the GroupWise documentation to learn the usage of the various switches and to understand which options you have to optimize your indexing process.