Error: Duplicate entry

  • 7000946
  • 04-Mar-2009
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 4.1
Novell GroupWise 5.5


Error: Duplicate entry
Error: D70E
Error can occur while converting Post Office databases.
Error can occur during rebuilds of domains or post offices.
Error: pure virtual call.
Error: General Protection Fault in NWAdmin.


There are a couple of options available to fix this error.
1.  If the domain being migrated/rebuilt is a secondary, rename the wpdomain.db and try to rebuild it from the primary.
2.  If you are migrating/rebuilding a post office, rename the WPHOST.DB. and try to rebuild it.
3.  If these options fail,  send the following items to Novell-- the primary domain database and the name of the post office/domain that is trying to be rebuilt/migrated.  After the customer sends the database into Novell, the customer must do the following:
-  Down the ADA on the primary domain so that no administration messages can be processed.  Novell will return a fixed database and changes in the system after the domain is sent in will be lost.
-  After the domain is returned, all secondary domain need to be rebuilt or the corruption could be replicated back up.
4.  Another work around rebuild the 5.5 domain right after it is migrated and before objects are grafted into the tree.  Continue with migration as outlined.

In one case the customer would get a Duplicate Entry when they would try to create a post office.  They had no problem creating other GroupWise objects.  Novell obtained the customers databases and could not duplicate the problem.  Novell then obtained a copy of the customers tree (a DIB) and a updated copy of the primary domain and still could not duplicate the problem.  The problem was resolved by cleaning out any files and directories in the primary domain directory that should not be there. (Refer to the Troubleshooting Guides on the Web - Troubleshooting 3: Message Flow and Directory Structure Guide and tunnel down to where it shows the directory structure of a domain)

In another situation with GroupWise 7.0.3, highlighting the domain and doing Tools | GroupWise Utilities | System Maintenance | Recover database in ConsoleOne resolved the issue.

Additional Information

Many different records can cause this issue.  Often times it is a GUID field (Global Unique Identifier field), which is in multiple records in the domain database.  This field can become corrupt and is filled with CTRL-? characters (ÿÿÿ).  These CTRL-? characters are causing the duplicate entry error.  In other situations, there may be duplicate administrators or duplicate application records.
Formerly known as TID# 10007454