Cluster resource goes comatose trying to deactivate the pool.

  • 7000916
  • 27-Mar-2012
  • 05-Jun-2013


Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 (OES 2) Linux Support Pack 3


Cluster resource hangs and goes comatose while executing command "nss /pooldeact"
The resource unload.out shows the last command as "nss /pooldeact="


A fix has been made in the novell-ncpenc rpm.
Released as part of July 2012 OES Maintenance Update patch (oes2sp3-July-2012-Scheduled-Maintenance)


There is a race condition between NCP (which runs in ndsd process space) and NSS where if there is outstanding trustee synchronization work that needs to be done when the NSS pool deactivation process begins, there is a potential to see this race condition.  Restarting ndsd at this point does alleviate the condition and allows the pool deactivation to complete.   

Additional Information

Inconsistent NCP trustee database for a volume contributes to this problem.  Please make sure the trustee database is in sync with the NSS trustee database.   You can run the following command to check consistency.
ncpcon nss verify=<volumename>
Depending on the results, you can run the resync command to get these back in sync.
ncpcon nss resync=<volumname>