Address Look up leaves extra characters in TO Field

  • 7000915
  • 11-Jul-2008
  • 10-Dec-2013


Novell GroupWise 7

Novell GroupWise Mobile Server Beta 3.0


When creating a new email from the Treo Device begin searching for contact by typing in the first few characters for the address lookup.  Select the address desired.  The GroupWise Mobile client will populate the TO: field with the address selected but will also leave the characters which were typed when the search was preformed.  This behavior leaves extra characters in the To field that is not an actual email address.
For Example: 
A search on the last name Smith would start out as follows
1) Create a new email
2) in the To field begin to type the users name Sm
3) Select Smith from the list of available recipients
4) The To: field is populated with two recipients:  SM and Smith
5) The SM is of course not rout-able


This issue was noted using Palm Treo 680 client version
This has been reported to development