Troubleshooting OES 2 iPrint Migration tool

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  • 10-Jul-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell iPrint for Linux


This document is a troubleshooting reference guide for OES 2 iPrint Migration issues.   

For general information regarding the iPrint Migration tool (iprintmig), see the online documentation at:

Both the iPrint Migration GUI (Graphical User Interface) and CLI (Command Line Interface) tools use iprintmig.  If the source Print Manager is hosted on a NetWare server, the iPrint Migration Tool generates an XML text copy of the database.  If the source Print Manager is hosted on a Linux server, then the XML text copy of the database already exists.  Either way, the migration tool executes imports the XML data by creating those objects to the target server.    Note, the migration tool does not migrate printers, but rather creates duplicate printers to a different print manager.  After the migration is complete, the workstations will continue to point to the same IP or DNS to send print jobs.  Redirecting the workstations to send print jobs to the destination Print Manager is not covered in this TID.


1.  Test iprintman
The iPrint Migration Tool uses iprintman to create the objects to the destination server.  If an iprintman authentication fails, the tool will fail.  Execute a simple iprintman command to determine if the authentication can succeed.

iprintman psm -l

The user name must be the CN (Common Name) of the admin eDirectory user.   Do not provide the context, comma's, distinguished name, etc.

The iprintman authentication must succeed for the iPrint Migration to succeed. 

2.  View Project.log for errors
When using the GUI iPrint Migration Tool, the first step is to set the location of the log files.  View the Project.log for errors listed below:

a.  Problem contacting LDAP Server or finding the authenticating user.

Error: HTTP Internal Server Error
Error: Non-zero operation return code: 1

This error is known to occur because the LDAP server authenticating the admin user is bad, the /etc/opt/novell/certs/SSCert.pem is invalid, or there are multiple Organizations within the Tree.  See  the Resolution 3, 4, and 5 of KB 3897348 to resolve this problem.

b.  LUM Certificate problem

Error: terminate called after throwing an instance of 'OpenWBEM4::CIMException'
Error:   what():  Access to CIM resource unavailable to client (You are not authorized to invoke method GetDefaultManager on object /root/cimv2:Novell_PrintManager)

This error is known to occur because the /var/lib/novell-lum/.x.x.x.x.der (replace the x's with the IP address of the server) is invalid.  Running the following commands at the OES 2 server should resolve this problem.

namconfig -k
namconfig cache_refresh

c.  namcd is not running

Error: terminate called after throwing an instance of 'OpenWBEM4::HTTPException'
Error:   what():  Unable to process request: 401: Authentication failure

This error is known to occur because namcd is not running.  namcd (Novell Account Management Cache Daemon) must be running for iprintman to work.  Run namcd restart to make sure namcd is working.

d.  owcimomd is not running or in a problem state

FATAL ERROR(11): Error communicating with IDS cn=[DriverStore],ou=[Context],o=[Organization] on server x.x.x.x:  Socket Error: SocketBaseImpl::connect() failed: 111(Connection refused)
Is the CIMOM running and configured to accept SSL connections?

owcimomd not running:
This error is known to occur when owcimomd is not running.  owcimomd (OpenWBEM Daemon) must be running for iprintman to work.  Run 'rcowcimomd restart' to make sure it is working.  Run 'rcowcimomd status' to make sure it stays loaded.

owcmimomd in a problem state:
If the following error is returned when going to iManager -> Storage -> Pools -> <iPrint server's NCP Server object>, then this error is a result of an owcimomd problem, and not caused by a failure in iPrint:
Note: this test is valid only if the server has an NSS volume and owcimomd is running.

Error: File Protocol error occurred: cannot open the NSS version file on the selected server. The NSS software may not currently be running on this server.

e.  Admin user doesn't have a UniqueID.

Error: Unable to authenticate to server
Error: Non-zero operation return code: 1
Error: XMLToDoCIMInstance::doWork(): CIMException encountered (general error): win2k GetDriverInfo failed: HP LaserJet 5M

This error is known to occur when the admin user does not have a UniqueID.    Users created by iManager or ConsoleOne will have a uniqueID attribute set for each account. By default, the uniqueID string will match the CN. For example, the uniqueID for admin.acct is admin. The LDAP authentication performed by iprintman relies on this uniqueID attribute. If the attribute is not present or doesn't match the CN, then the authentication will fail. Users created with NWAdmin will not have a uniqueID. To add the uniqueID to a user:

          - Directory Administration
          - Modify Object
          - Browse for user object name and click OK
          - Click the "Other link" within the "Other" tab.
          - Move the attribute of uniqueID from the Unvalued Attributes column
            to the Valued Attributes column. During the move, you are prompted
            to enter a value.
          - Click OK

f.  Target Print Manager created using iprntman. 
Error:  CIMException encountered (general error):
Error:  Creation of manager object failed, Error: Already exists

This problem has been reported only once.  Novell has not been able to duplicate this problem.  The problem was due to the Target Print Manager being created using iprntman.  Creating the Target Print manager using iManager does not have this problem.

g.  There is no Active Print Manager on this Source server!

See TID 3469148

h.  Inter-Tree ACL values don't match up.

Error: XMLToDoCIMInstance::doWork(): CIMException encountered (general error): Modify of ACL failed, Error: No such object

This error is known to occur when attempting a migration between print managers from different trees.  If the ACLs (Access Control List - user, operater, manager roles) values don't match up between the trees, then this error will be returned.  The workaround is to execute the migration using the CLI (command line interface) which has an option to include a --noacls switch.  See the iprintmig man page for examples to use the iprintmig command line tool.

i.  Source Print Manager hosted on NetWare cluster

FATAL - IPRINT:/opt/novell/bin/iprintmig:Fatal(2): PSMInfo.xml file does not exists on the Target Server
ERROR - IPRINT:iprintmig:iprintmig command failed!

This error is known to occur because the iPrint migration tool assumes the iprint.ini is located on the cluster resource.  However, the iprint.ini resides on the node (sys:\apache2\htdocs\ippdocs\iprint.ini)

See TID 7002836

j. Error returned after successful migration

FATAL - IPRINT:/opt/novell/bin/iprintmig:Fatal(12): Sync does not work with -n <Printer Name> ,-f <Printer File> option

This error is known to occur when not all printers are migrated and then subsequently, the sync button is used.  If all printers are migrated at the same time, this error will not be returned.
k.  Unable to login to iprintman
Terminate called after throwing an instance of the 'OpenWBEM4::CIMException'  what ():  general error (Unable to get the user FDN and/or password from the requset)
This error is known to occur because openwbem.conf file has been modified to allow anonymous logins.
Edit etc/openwbem
Sent owcimomd.allow_anonymous = false
Save file then restart owcimomd (rcowcimomd restart)

l. COWReference error
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'OpenWBEM4::CIMErrorException'
what (): NULL COWReference dereferenced
-bash: syntax error near unexpected token`:'

This error is known to occur because your environment requires TLS to be disabled on your LDAP server and group objects.