New Contacts Created In Personal Address Book Manualy, Get Their GUID Field Filled In Automatically , When Their E-Mail Id Is Added

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  • 07-Jul-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 7
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New contacts created in Personal Address Book manualy, get their GUID field filled in automatically , when their E-Mail Id is added . As a result , the information in the Personal Address Book , gets overwritten by the informtion in the System Address Book , during a System Synchronisation. The GUID field not getting populated if a dummy e-mail id is used instead of the vaild groupwise e-mail id


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Additional Information

Steps to duplicate:
1) Use groupwise 7.0.3 agents and the client.
2) Login to the client and add a new column of GUID.
3) Create a Personal Address Book.
4) Add a new contact in the personal address book.
5) Dont enter the email id of the contact and observer that the GUID field is
blank. Which prevents  , the information in the Personal Address Book being
overwritten by the Systen Address Book Information during the system sync.
6) Now go to the details of that contact and add the email id of that contact.
7) That will result the GUID field being populated which results in the
information of the contact in the PAB being overwritten by the system address
book information.
8) If a dummy email id is used , the GUID field dont get populated.