GroupWise client filed item rule does not work

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  • 01-Jul-2008
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 6.5
GroupWise 32 bit client


GroupWise client filed item rule does not work


This problem has been duplicated and GroupWise development has been notified.  Problem has been duplicated with GW 6.5 SP2 client (4-15-2004)and agents (4-23-2004)
1. In your GroupWise mailbox have items in your mailbox folder that are for example, at least 15 days old. 
2. Create either a shared folder or personal folder under the cabinet ( does not matter which ), call it lets say ' Folder1 '
3. Create the rule: Tools, Rules, New, Give the rule a name like Whatever.
4. ' When event is ' = Filed Item
5. ' Select Folder' = < Browse to your folder ' Folder1 ' folder
6. ' Item Type ' = All unselected to account for all item types
7. ' Define Conditions ' = Created or Delivered ( does not matter )
      On or before ( <= )

Which the rule equates to " Include entries where Created is greater than or equal to 15 days before TODAY

8.   Action - Add a Delete / Decline action
9.   SAVE the rule and make sure it is selected with a check mark , indicating it is active
10. Drag and drop one of the messages in your mailbox folder ( must be, in this example, greater than 15 days from creation. ) into your ' Folder1 ' folder.
11. You will see that the rule DID NOT execute, the message item did not go to the trash as it should.  It is sitting in the ' Folder1 ' folder.

Note:  Many combinations were tried beyond what is described here to make this work, like based on the Creation date or Delivered date.  Also note that when you remove the criteria for the date range conditon then the rule works. 

In this case the customer wants anything older than 15 days from TODAY to be deleted to the trash when an item is filed in the shared folder.

Note: Only workaround is to create a Find Results folder that looks to the shared folder in question ONLY and an Advanced Find criteria of :
           Created, On or before ( <= ) , -15, TODAY.  When this is done the correct date range of messages are found in the folder where you can then select and delete the messages manually.

NOTE:  With the GroupWise 6.5 Sp4 build dated at least 1/24/2005 for both POA and the GroupWise 32 bit client the problem cannot be duplicated any longer.

Additional Information

Formerly known as TID# 10092691

The problem cannot be duplicated in GroupWise 7 SP3 shipping or in GroupWise Bonsai.