GroupWise Error [8200] when accessing a shared folder

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  • 01-Jul-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 6.5


When User A shares a folder with User B and the administrator then disables the GroupWise account for User A, User B will no longer be able to access information in the shared folder.  Instead, "GroupWise Error [8200]" is displayed whenever the shared folder is highlighted.  At the same time, the Post Office Agent for User B's post office will display

GroupWise Error [8200] when accessing a shared folder

Error: User Database is temporarily disabled [D714] User:  Xxxx

Note that this error will be displayed at the post office of the user trying to access the shared folder and not the post office to which the owner of the folder belongs. 

Furthermore, using the above-mentioned example, when User B views the properties of the shared folder and selects the Sharing Tab, User B will appear to be the owner of the shared folder.


This problem can be resolved by re-enabling the account of the shared folder owner.  Other users in the Share List will then be able to access the folder again and will reflect the correct ownership and membership of the list.

Please note:  This does not affect GroupWise 7.  Shared folders will continue to function even after the owner has been disabled.  This does however make it more difficult to establish whether or not a user owns any shared folders before being deleted.  An enhancement request has been raised to consider adding a way to establish if a user has shared any folders or address books in preperation for the account to be deleted.

Additional Information

Steps to duplicate:

1)  User A: Share a Folder in GroupWise with  User B.

2)  Log into the account for User B, accept the shared folder and close the GroupWise client.

3)  In ConsoleOne, view the properties of User A, select GroupWise Account and check "Disable Logins"

4)  Once the administrative change has been synchronised, log into the account for User B again.

5)  Highlight the shared folder and observe the [8200] error

6)  View the properties of the shared folder and observe that User B is listed as "Accepted" and "Owner"

7)  On the Post Office Agent, observe the [D714] error implicating User A.  (even if User A exists on a different Post Office)
This is working as designed. 

Formerly known as TID# 10091608