Abend in NSSMU when trying to update NDS for a cluster pool.

  • 7000794
  • 01-Jul-2008
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell NetWare 6.5


Abend in NSSMU when trying to update NDS for a cluster pool.

WARNING  20011 A default named pool object cannot be created for an existing shared pool  <Press ENTER to continue> 


Follow these steps to properly re-create the cluster  pool and volume objects.
  1. Offline the volume resource if it is online.
  2. Clean up any references to cluster resource objects in eDirectory.  This will be the Virtual NCP server object for this resource and appropriate Volume and Pool objects.  This can be done using Console One or some other administration tool.
    Note: When deleting Cluster resource object through Console One, it generally does a pretty good job of cleaning up other objects in the tree.  However, if they were not properly linked up, it may show as some unknown objects relating to the Volume or Pool objects.  These can safely be deleted.
  3. Manually activate the pool and volume on one of the cluster nodes.
  4. Use NSSMU to update Pool and Volume objects back into edirectory (NSSMU|F8|ALT-F8).  This will associate these objects to this server.
  5. Create a new Cluster Volume and select the newly updated Volume / Pool.  This will Cluster Enable" the pool and re-create the Virtual Server object and appropriate pool and volume objects and link everything up correctly.
  6. Dismount (NSS /Pooldeactivate=PoolName) the Local pool and volume, so it can be onlined through C1 or NRM.  If this is not done the resource will go comatose when onlined.
  7. It should now be possible to online the new Cluster Pool resource on any node in cluster.
    Updated NSS code will now fail with NSS Error 20011.  Follow steps outlined above to re-create cluster pool /volume objects.

Additional Information

The XML Management utilities (iManager and NSSMU) do not have the proper information about the cluster server to correctly update NDS.
Formerly known as TID# 10094555