Limited Number of iChain Admin ACL Addresses

  • 7000763
  • 27-Jun-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell iChain 2.3


Only nine addresses can be added to 'Allow Administration from Specified Clients' in the iChain GUI.
Addresses beyond nine can be added, but are removed once the changes are applied.
(iChain GUI, System > Admin ACL > Allow Administration from Specified Clients)

Addresses can be added directly to the .NAS files, these addresses are kept, but ignored.
(Path to .NAS files, sys:\etc\proxy\appliance\config\user\)
(Parameter in .NAS file, add adminacl clientaddress=x.x.x.x)


Working as designed.

Additional Information

Directly editing the .NAS files is not supported.