Sentinel Error Codes

  • 7000735
  • 23-Jun-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Sentinel 6.0.xx
Novell Sentinel 5.1.3


Error codes are useful for assisting in troubleshooting issues or getting information regarding the current state of an environment. A list of many Sentinel error codes and the components from which they can originate is included.


CCSBASE errors:
SEN10001 = {0} is not supported on remote object.
SEN10002 = {0} not initialized.
SEN10003 = Synchronous call Timed out for request {0} method {1} of object {2}
SEN10004 = Invocation Error: {0}
SEN10005 = Access Denied for user {0} on method {1} of object {2}
SEN10006 = Access Denied for user {0} to object {1} for type {2}
SEN10007 = Invalid Character found in Password \nPasswords may only contain $ # _ or Alphanumeric characters

DAS errors:
SEN11001 = The rule {0} is already deployed. You must first delete the deployments.
SEN11002 = One or more rules are already deployed. You must first delete the deployments.
SEN11003 = Error performing query.
SEN11004 = Query cannot proceed because filter has changed.
SEN11005 = Unable to backup original data file \
SEN11006 = Unable to remove original data file \
SEN11007 = Unable to rename temporary data file \
SEN11008 = Call to function {0} on stream that is already closed.
SEN11009 = Failed to obtain Plugin with id: {0}
SEN11010 = Cannot delete a user that does not exist
SEN11011 = Cannot change the password of a user that does not exist.
SEN11012 = Cannot change the password of a domain user.
SEN11013 = Old password is invalid.
SEN11014 = Cannot create user - user already exists
SEN11015 = Cannot lock a user that is not active.
SEN11016 = Cannot unlock a user that is not locked.
SEN11017 = Update for user {0} failed, any role changes have been committed
SEN11018 = User {0} does not have login privileges
SEN11019 = Edited rule does not exist.
SEN11020 = New rule name already exists.
SEN11021 = Deleting Rule {0} is not in a valid namespace.
SEN11022 = No filter expression found for filter {0}.
SEN11023 = No security filter found for user {0}.
SEN11024 = The Taxonomy node {0} requested for the operation does not exists !.
SEN11025 = Offline Query specified is not valid.
SEN11026 = Operation not permitted: user security filter \
SEN11027 = No existing user with name {0} found.
SEN11028 = Error in users table: {0} users with the name {1} found.
SEN11029 = User account {0} is locked. Contact your Sentinel System Administrator to unlock this account.
SEN11030 = Execution of action {0} (plugin {1}) was interrupted.
SEN11031 = Error executing action {0} (plugin {1}).

Workflow errors:
SEN12001 = No credentials provided
SEN12002 = Session not found.
SEN12003 = The server is not fully initialized
SEN12004 = Could not find an activity with id {0}
SEN12005 = Workitem Not Found
SEN12006 = Role {0} already exists.
SEN12007 = The role {0} is being used by {1} iTRAC process templates.\nPlease update these process templates to use a different role before attempting to delete this role.
SEN12008 = This user has accepted work items. Please reassign all accepted work items before trying to delete the user.
SEN12009 = Unknown user : {0}
SEN12010 = Access Denied: {0} does not have privileges to request work items for user {1}
SEN12011 = Could not find a process definition with id {0} and version {1}
SEN12012 = No package template exists.
SEN12013 = Cannot update/delete process definition {0}, does not exist!
SEN12014 = Process definition {0} already exists.

Correlation errors:
SEN13001 = Invalid Syntax at line {0}, column {1}: {2}
SEN13002 = Invalid Filter Definition: {0}
SEN13003 = Invalid Rule Definition: {0}

Dynamic List errors:
SEN14001 = List names must start with a character and can contain letters, digits or underscores
SEN14002 = Not a valid type: {0}
SEN14003 = TTL value must be between {0} and {1}
SEN14004 = Max entries must be greater than 0 and equal to or less than: {0}

Event Source Management errors:
SEN15001 = No plugin found with id {0}.
SEN15002 = Unable to find object for node with id {0}.
SEN15003 = Unable to find event source manager callback for node with id {0}.
SEN15004 = Unable to find collector service callback for node with id {0}.
SEN15005 = Invalid type of object with id {0}: {1}
SEN15006 = Unable to find agentengine with id {0}.
SEN15007 = Unable to find manager with id {0}.
SEN15008 = Unable to remove plugin {0} (ID {1}) because objects still depend on it. Remove the dependent objects first. The number of dependencies for each type of object are: {2}