Recommended Scheduled Maintenance for the GroupWise Message Store

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  • 20-Jun-2008
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 7
Novell GroupWise 6.5
Novell GroupWise 6


Recommended Scheduled Maintenance for the GroupWise Message Store


1. Check and fix the structure of the information store nightly.

Create an event (and enable it on each POA) that checks the structure of User, Message, and Document databases each evening during the week. Schedule this operation to run before the nightly backup.

2. Check and fix the contents of the information store weekly.

Create an event (and enable it on each POA) that checks the contents only of User, Message, and Document databases over the weekend. Schedule this operation to run following the Friday night backup. Review the log files Monday morning to determine the health of your message stores.

3. Run Expire and Reduce to enforce the retention policy.

Run Expire/Reduce on the message store at least weekly to enforce mailbox retention policies.

4. Run Reduce Only to manage database sizes.

Run Reduce Only on the information store at least weekly to manage the sizes of the GroupWise information store databases.

Note: It is unnecessary to perform a Reduce Only if expire/reduce is run. After expiring, the reduce is automatically run.

5. Leave Nightly User Upkeep enabled and set to occur early morning, after midnight.

Leave the Nightly User Upkeep option on the POA enabled so uncompleted tasks are pushed forward to the next date on the calendar, deleted items are purged from the Trash folder according to the Empty Trash / Automatic after setting, and Personal Address Book entries are synchronized with the corresponding System Address Book entries (in case users are. moved).

6. Leave Quickfinder Indexing enabled.

Leave Quickfinder Indexing enabled so Find activities are returned more quickly and less demand is made on the POA for each Find.

7. Lock Cleanup Options to Manual Delete and Archive.

This will force users to choose which items they wish to store in their GroupWise Archives, preventing unnecessary expansion of archive directories.

Cleanup should be performed via scheduled maintenance and should be done in accordance with your e-mail policy.

8. Lock the archive path to the network USERS volume.

Lock the path to a drive letter that is map-rooted to the user's home directory so that the setting will correctly apply to all users. You may also choose to place space restrictions on users to discourage abuse of the archive.

With archives on the network, the administrator has the ability to back up user archives and can run maintenance on them without visiting user workstations. Do not store GroupWise archives on the mail volume.

9. Set mailbox size limits.

Locking the size of user's mailboxes allows you to control the size of the information store; users can see the space utilization of their mailbox from the GroupWise 6 client under Tools | Check Mailbox Size.

10. Set message size limits.

Novell GroupWise allows you to set a limit for the size for both internal (within the GroupWise system) and external (i.e., Internet mail) messages. Again, establishing this policy allows for greater control of the size of the information store as well as messaging traffic.


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