SecureLogin interferes with CLE Forgotton Password

  • 7000711
  • 26-Feb-2009
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell SecureLogin
NSL6.1 hot fix 13
Client Login Extensions
CLE Forgotten Password


SecureLogin prompts user for eDir credentials when forgotten password is activated. 
SecureLogin launches when CLE forgotten password link is clicked.


Fixed in NSL6.1 HotFix 14 or later.

Additional Information

The way the CLE is engineered, it actually logs into the local workstation using a
restricted user created at install called IDMRestrictedUser.  This login by the restricted user is seen by SecureLogin as a successful login by a regular user.  SecureLogin then launches as usual and attempts to authenticate to eDirectory with as IDMRestrictedUser. When this authentication fails SecureLogin presents a prompt for user name and password.

The fix made to NLDAPAuth.dll was to simply tell it to ignore login attempts by the user  "IDMRestrictedUser."