Using variables from one SecureLogin in the script for another

  • 7000710
  • 26-Mar-2012
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell SecureLogin
NSL 6.x
NSL 7.x


Variable defined in one application definition is needed in the script for another application definition
Results of GetURL command needed in Windows script


1. Define the variable in application A. 
2. In the script for application B, include the ID for that application in parentheses behind the variable name.
For example, if Application B needed to do something if the URL for application A included the letter "g," do the following:
1. to the script for application A add the following:
     GetURL ?url4A
2. to the script for application B add something like the following:
   If "g" -in ?url4A(http://mybogusURL)
     MessageBox "Found a 'g' in bogus"
Note that the parentheses must contain the "Id" of the other app, not its "Name," as show in the details for Application A below: