Security Vulnerability - GroupWise WebAccess Directory Traversal Vulnerability in 'User.interface' parameter

  • 7000708
  • 26-Mar-2012
  • 14-Sep-2012


Novell GroupWise 8
Novell GroupWise 8 WebAccess


GroupWise WebAccess is vulnerable to a directory traversal exploit in the "User.interface" parameter whereby an attacker could potentially force WebAccess to return the contents of other files under the WebAccess directory structure.

This vulnerability was discovered and reported by Tim Brown with Portcullis Computer Security, LTD. (

Novell bug 712163, CVE-2012-0410


To resolve this issue, apply GroupWise 8.0 Support Pack 3 (or later).
GroupWise 2012 is not affected by this vulnerability.

Previous versions of GroupWise (such as version 7.x) are likely also vulnerable but are no longer supported. Customers using earlier versions of GroupWise should upgrade their software to at least version 8.03 in order to secure their system.


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