How to delete a secondary domain by releasing it

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  • 19-Jun-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 7
Novell GroupWise 6.5
Novell GroupWise 6


Server and or directory structure for the secondary domain is no longer present IE: server is no longer in production network. The secondary needs to have directory structure to delete the object.

Recreate the directory structure for the secondary by moving the secondary location to an existing servers temp directory. Create temporary directory on existing server. In ConsoleOne go to the properties of the secondary domain and change the domains UNC path to point to the new temp directory. If a replication error is received while going to the properties of the secondary you will need to graft the secondary in to NDS. Next Rebuild the secondary to provide us with the wpdomain.db in the new temp directory.

By releasing the secondary it removes the need to have the link open between the primary domain and the secondary domains there for you do not need to install an MTA agent for the secondary domain.


To remove this domain from the GroupWise system do the following:

1) Connect to the primary domain.
2) Highlight the secondary domain and select Tools | GroupWise Utilities | System Maintenance.
3) If the domain database for the secondary to be released has been deleted, rebuild it first, because you will need to put in the path to the wpdomain.db in order to release it. Select Release Secondary and follow the instructions. This will release the secondary domain and put it in it's own system. The secondary domain is now in another system. It will show up as an External GroupWise Domain. There are two steps necessary to delete this.
4) Select Tools | GroupWise System Operations | External System Synchronization and delete the system synchronization for the released domain.
5) In the GroupWise View, delete the External Domain object and any subordinate objects.


1. Undo all pertinent pending Delete operations in "GW System Operations | Pending Operations".
2. Make sure connection is to Primary domain.
3. Recreate the missing domain directories to a temporary spot using "GW Utilities | System Maintenance | Rebuild Database".
4. Assign UNC path for domain object to new directory stores location.
5. Release the GW4.1 domain using "GW Utilities | System Maintenance | Release Secondary".
6. Delete GW4.1 objects from the bottom up.

Note: for existing link errors even after deleting the external synch, run the Validate Database on the primary under system maintenance.

If the MTA for secondary domain had been unloaded for some time, the primary domain has probably been storing admin messages destined for this domain whic could be taking up unnecessary disk space. The primary domain holds mail destined for domains with closed links under the /mslocal /mshold/<queues>.  Inside each of these queue folders an MTANAME file exists, which contains the name of the domain for that queue folder.  The queue folder for the secondary domain that was released can be removed.

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