How to recover admin account on a Linux edition of GMS.

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  • 17-Jun-2008
  • 10-Dec-2013


Novell GroupWise 7
GroupWise Mobile Server, a Linux edition


For whatever possible reasons you are unable to authenticate in a WebAdmin page (http:///admin) using admin account.


Here are steps to delete any existing and recreate new admin account in the ASA database:
1. Start a terminal window and change to /etc/init.d, then stop all services in following order:
./mobilesuite stop
./securegateway stop
./asadb stop

2. Once all is stopped, you can start ASA DB service:
./asadb start

3. Now change to /opt/ims/db/linux/db/bin directory and from there run following command
. ./ (make sure that you type it correctly /

4. Next from the same directory start SQL database tool by:
dbisqlc (note, no ./dbisqlc)

this opens a new environment - a red dos-box within the terminal window. Inside this tool do not use arrows / tabs but mouse !

5. Login page of the tools -> use user dba and password pylonanywhere. If you did not do any typos you shall see a message that you are connected to the database. Now type following:
then hit F9 to execute the command.

6. Next type:
and hit F9

7. In following command you create a new administrator account called 'admin' that has no pwd:
insert into IMADMINISTRATOR values(1,'admin','Initial administrator',2,-1,0,NOW(),NULL,0);
and hit F9

8. Exit the database tool (not the terminal window !) from File | Exit.

9. Change to /etc/init.d/ and stop ASA:
./asadb stop

10. Go in the /opt/ims/conf directory, delete the file.

11. Go back to terminal window and type:
init 6
to restart the Linux box

After it comes back you can access the WebAdmin tool from a local Linux box via http://localhost/admin. Use admin as account, no password. You shall be now successful to login with newly created admin account. From here you can continue configuring a GMS server and change / assign a password for the admin account.