How to move one post office to a new GroupWise system where there are two post offices under a Domain?

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  • 16-Jun-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise  7.0.x


There exists one Domain with multiple Post Offices. One of the Post Offices needs to be moved to a new eDirectory tree under a new GroupWise system.


1. Create a new Domain and a Post office: These need to be in the old tree and have to have the agents running also.
2. Archive all the mails for the users in the said Post office.
3. Move the users to the new Post office that we created: Monitor the move and wait till all of them have successfully moves.
4. Release the New domain that we have created.

           1. Make a backup of the primary domain
           2. Create NDS accounts for the users in their new tree
           3. Remove GroupWise Attributes from the existing NDS accounts for the users in the secondary domain to be released
           4. Connect to primary domain
           5. In GroupWise View right click secondary domain you want to release
           6. Choose System Maintenance ( a GroupWise System Maintenance dialog box appears)
           7. Under Action, choose Release Secondary
           8. Click on Run
           9. Follow the prompts from the adviser

          Note:  The adviser will ask if you want to move the NDS objects to another container or tree.  If you answer yes, it will delete the NDS objects from the current tree.  You will then have to graft those objects in the new tree.

5. Once you have released the Domain, Copy the Domain and the Post office folder to the new server which is the part of the New tree.

6. Graft the Domain in the New tree.

7. Install the agents for the Domain and the Post office.

8. Graft the users into the new tree.

9. Test the users by logging in using the GroupWise client.

10. Un-Archive the mails.