Unable to remotely refresh device via the CC using IE

  • 7000670
  • 15-Jun-2008
  • 30-Apr-2012


Novella ZEN works 10 Configuration Management


"ZEN works Agent Status:" will exhibit one of two conditions:
The status will appear as a bouncing ball.
The status reports: "Unable to Connect to DNS Name or IP Address."
This only happens using IE6 and any attempt to remotely refresh the device will fail with the message "Failed to Connect."
Both FireFox 2.0 and IE7 will show the status as OK with a Green Light and are able to initiate a remote refresh.

Additional Information

This defect will not be fixed because starting with ZCM 10.1.0, IE6 is no longer supported.
IE7 or FireFox 2.0 are now the supported web browsers for ZCM.