Unable to create the driver profile, Error code: 65556

  • 7000653
  • 11-Jun-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell iPrint for Linux


Toshiba bi-directional driver fails on Driver Profile Create for both PS and PCL6 drivers.  This has also been reported to be seen with other bi-directional drivers of other vendors like Xerox.

You receive the following error when hitting OK after you have made changes to the profile and want to apply:

Error Message: iPrint Client - unable to create the driver profile
Error group: iPrint Client
Error code: 65556

Tested drivers so far:
Toshiba eStudio 451c Series
Toshiba eStudio e850 Series

Reported by customers for:


Development is aware of this issue and is working for a resolution.

Work around:  Find and use a driver that is not a universal driver nor a bi-directional driver.  Check with the manufacturer for a driver that is not bi-directional for that printer, or even try a driver for a similar printer that may still work.