MAC file/folder issues when file/folder created by Windows workstation with extended characters

  • 7000587
  • 25-Feb-2009
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 (OES 2) SP1
AFPTCP installed and running
NSS volume mounted and configured for AFP
MAC OSX workstation
Windows XP SP3 workstation


MAC workstations cannot access files when the files or folders being accessed where created by a Windows workstation and have extended characters in the name.

Steps to duplicate:
- Map a drive with a Windows XP workstation to an OES2 SP1 server hosting an NSS volume.
  Example: MyVol

- Using that mapped drive create a folder with a special character in the name.
  Example: Caméra

- Detach the Windows workstation from the OES2 SP1 server by "Right Clicking" the red "N" in the system tray and select "Disconnect Network Drive", select the drive that was just used to create the folder and disconnect.

- From a MAC OSX workstation connect to the same server and NSS volume.

- Open the folder that you created with the Windows workstation.

- Drag and drop a file to this folder.  You will get the error:
"You cannot copy some of these files to the destination because their names are
too long for the destination. Do you want to skip copying these items and
continue copying the other items"  Stop or Continue

- It doesn't matter which option you choose the file gets copied but cannot be accessed using the MAC.


Reported to engineering