Novell ZENworks Patch Management Update Server 6.4 SP1 Update 1

  • 7000577
  • 05-Jun-2008
  • 30-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks Patch Management 6.4 - ZPM6.4


Updates include any previous released updates, but do not include service packs or patches. They will also be included in a future patch release or the next major version.
  • It is recommended that updates be tested before entering production environments.
  • Updates cannot be uninstalled via Add/Remove Programs.

Hotfixes Included
Defect ID Summary
45048 Offline Agents graph on Dashboard can be cut off
45194 Domain Users added to the PLUS Admins group become un-clickable in the Users page
45213 DAUs can fail with a 190C and the following error text "ShellObj.Run to sleep: (null) (-1073741502)"
45422 DAU task leaves two VBS files in the temp directory: checkver.vbs, wait.vbs
45464 New agents are not added to the Ungrouped system group
45522 Older content that is re-cached and deployed will fail with a 190D because the CRCs do not match


How do I obtain Update 1?
  • Please contact Novell Support and create a Service Request. There is no charge for this.
  • Update 1 should only be requested if the issues outline are being experienced. If you are not severally impacted by the issues then we recommend you wait until the next patch that contains these hotfixes.
Why can't I download Update 1?
  • Update 1 is in a controlled release schedule and may receive additional testing.
How will I know if this patch is applied successfully?
  • Besides addressing the issue above there are a few DLL changes that can be tracked, see the matrix below for details. The time references are in MST (UTC-07:00).
  • Note: Novell ZENworks Patch Management patches should contain a version of 6.4.2.x, is a rare occurance where this patch can be applied.
File Name
File Location Version Date Time Size
PatchLink.Update.Net.dll %ProgramFiles%\PatchLink\Update Server\Webroot\bin 19-May-2008 09:23 AM 2,191,369
ReplicationClientDownload.dll %ProgramFiles%\PatchLink\Update Server\Replication Services\ 20-May-2008 02:46 PM 32,768
Where are the installation logs placed during execution?
  • The installer will create a log at %ProgamFiles%\Common Files\PatchLink\Logs\Update Server 6.4 SP1 Update 1\

Change Log

25-Feb-2010  tgordon  added note to install the latest patch before giving this patch out. Since the URL for the patch is internal not changing it to