How to Rerun ZCM System Update 10.0.3 on a Windows Device

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  • 04-Jun-2008
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management


In some cases, 10.0.3 may not install properly or completely to a device.  In such situations, it may be necessary to reapply the system update.  One common cause of such a requirement is rebooting the device in the middle of the update process prior to prompting.

The update files are located in the %ZENWORKS_HOME%\work\system-update\10_0_3 directory.  The System Update process should create a series of log files ranging from "command0.log" to "command67.log" from the processing of the various MSI components.

While it is normal for a couple log files to not appear since they are 32/64-bit specific, if command67.log is missing, it is one indication that something has gone amiss. However, just because all of the logs appear does not guarantee everything ran successfully.  (Note: Client Devices will create far fewer logs than Servers since fewer MSIs will be installed.)

%ZENWORKS_HOME%\logs\SystemUpdate_10_0_3.log is another key log file to look at to see what may or may not have worked during the update process.


If you determine that you would like to rerun system update on a device, please perform the following:
  1. Rename %ZENWORKS_HOME%\Work\SystemUpdate\10_0_3\SystemUpdate.INI. to SystemUpdate.INI
  2. Edit SystemUpdate.INI and remove [ExitCodes] and [Results]Sections from the end of the INI file. (Note: These were added during the previous update process.)
  3. Make sure the "Novell ZENworks Update Service 10.0.3" does not exist. If it does, run "SC Delete zenupdate_10_0_3" to remove it.
  4. Run "SystemUpdate_10_0_3.exe -i -s". This should install and start the Update Service.
It may take a few minutes before much happens and when the process is running there will be few if any visible signs its running.  Check time/date sample on the XXCommand.log files to see if new ones are being created.  You can also echo the %ZENWORKS_HOME%\logs\SystemUpdate_10_0_3.log file to the screen to see if updates are being written to it.

In some cases, the final update prompt does not happen for nearly 30 minutes after the update process appears to have completed.  Please be patient and wait for the process to complete.  There should not be any danger in rerunning this update process against a server that has already run the update.