?Sysuser and ?Syspassword not captured on Terminal Server

  • 7000523
  • 24-Feb-2009
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell SecureLogin
Windows 2003 Terminal Server with or without Citrix
Novell Client for Windows installed on Terminal Server
SecureLogin installed on Terminal Server
SecureLogin NOT installed on workstations
Users login to eDirectory through the Novell Client on the Terminal Server
NSL installation option selected to “Install Citrix and Terminal Services Support”


Credentials are not entered for application definitions that use ?sysuser and ?syspassword

?sysuser and ?syspassword variables are not captured when user logs into eDirectory


1. Rename slinaS.dll in the \ProgramFiles\Novell\Secu reLogin directory on the Terminal Server
2. Copy slinaC.dll into that same directory
3. Register slinaC.dll by running Register NT LoginExt (workstation).reg .

The .reg file and slinaC are included with the NSL6.1 installation media in the directory
...\SecureLogin\Tools\Citrix Manual Configuration\Citrix\wks\nw

Additional Information

In stalling SecureLogin on the Terminal Server only is the less common configuration for implementing SecureLogin. It works fine but requires some manual configuration. In a terminal server environment, most customers install SecureLogin on both the Windows server and on the workstation. Therefore by default when the check box for "Citrix and Terminal Services" is checked in the NSL6.1 installation, the install routine checks to see whether SecureLogin is being installed on a workstation or on a server. If it is being installed on a Windows server, slinaS.dll is installed; if on a workstation, slinaC.dll is installed.

The function performed by slinaC is to capture and pass login credentials. The function performed by slinaS is to receive credentials passed to it from the workstation side slinaC. In environments where SecureLogin is installed only on the Terminal Server, no slinac is available to capture credentials as users login to eDirectory through the Novell Client on the terminal server. In this case slinaC needs to be manually installed. For this reason the "Citrix Manual Configuration" files are included with the installation media.