AUTOEXEC.NCF does not complete after installing ZPM agent

  • 7000488
  • 26-May-2008
  • 30-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks Patch Management 6.3 - ZPM6.3 Agent
Novell ZENworks Patch Management 6.4 - ZPM6.4 Agent
Novell NetWare


After installing the ZPM agent on NetWare, when the server is restarted, the message
The Java Runtime
Usage: java [-options] class [args...]
(to execute a class)
or java -jar [-options] jarfile [args...]
(to execute a jar file)

is displayed, and processing ofAUTOEXEC.NCF pauses until a key is pressed.


As a workaround, find the section in the AUTOEXEC.NCF that has the lines
# -- Added by PatchLink Update Agent Install --
search add sys:\patchagent

and replace "java" with "load java"

Additional Information

Having just the command "java" in the NCF file is OK, if java is not already loaded, because this will be interpreted as a command to load java. If java is loaded, java itself will look at the command, and will be expecting further arguments to be specified. The message displayed in the screen is warning you that no arguments were supplied.