Error:"Unable to create"

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  • 24-May-2008
  • 15-Jan-2014


Novell eDirectory 8.8 for Linux
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9
Novell iManager 2.7


Error: "Unable to create" while trying to login using iManager 2.7
Novell iManager 2.7 on SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 Server with eDirectory 8.8 Support Pack 1 or earlier


1. Login as "root" to the SLES server
2. Launch the tool YaST and select the applet "Install and Remove Software" from the section "Software"
3. Search for the package "compat-libstdc++-lsb" and install it
4. Stop "novell-tomcat5" by executing the command "rcnovell-tomcat5 stop"
5. Start "novell-tomcat5" by executing the command "rcnovell-tomcat5 start"
6. Launch iManager again and check

Additional Information

Root Cause:
iManager 2.7 prerequisite package "compat-libstdc++-lsb" is not installed on SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 server by default
Check Online Documentation for iManager 2.7 and eDirectory 8.8 for details on prerequisites of each product on the Linux Platform.
iManager 2.7 requires latest version of Novell International Cryptography Infrastructure (NICI). In order to upgrade NICI eDirectory must also be upgraded.  The latest versions of eDirectory can be found at