Exchange Gateway Directory Sync Updates Fail

  • 7000469
  • 23-May-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 7
Novell GroupWise 6.5
Novell GroupWise Gateway - 7.x Gateway for MS Exchange


When a user is added to an Exchange system and directory sync or exchange is enabled, an admin message is created by the gateway that will create a  Non-GroupWise User in the GroupWise system.

In this case, the admin message (DSIN or DXIN operation) was being created by the gateway, the log file was updated by the gateway, but no user was being created in the system.

The Non-GroupWise domain that the user was being added to had Internet Addressing Overides enabled so that the user being synched over had an internet address that conflicted with an existing GW user.

Steps to Duplicate:
1.  Enable Internet addressing at the GW system level as
2.  Create a user on the GW system with the first name George and last name of Smith.  (Resulting Internet Address will be
3.  Open the Properties of the Non-GW domain created by the gateway and choose Internet Addressing.  Check the Addressing format and select  Check the Internet domain and fill in "" and then save and exit the property sheet.
4.  Start the gateway.
5.  Create a user on the Exchange Side with the name George Smith.
6.  You will see a DSIN operation on the gateway log saying that it is creating the user, but the user is never created on the GW side in the Non-GW domain.


The two solutions to this problem are:

1.  Do not define overrides on your Non-GW domain.  They should not be necessary if the domain is defined strictly for the exchanging of mail with an Exchange system.
2.  Set the overides in such a way that it will not produce an address that will conflict with one that already exists.